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Certified Translations

We don’t just translate words; we translate ideas. Geg isn’t your typical translation company. Many translators in the market translate things word for word or close to it, but in many cases, the true meaning of the content is lost in translation. At Geg , we don’t provide simple translation services. Our goal is to make sure the context and meaning of your documents, audio, or video is translated into a culturally appropriate and accurate message.

We have a dedicated team of professional translators at Geg that are certified to provide translation services in a wide variety of foreign languages (not only in English). Since 2002, our agency has been providing translation services in London, UK, and Chisinau, Moldova, with representations in Berlin, Paris, Milan, and Madrid. Our primary goal is to help our clients be successful in global markets by providing them with the best possible language services.

Our translators can provide the following translation services for you:

Birth certificates

Immigration documents


Official statements

Legal documents

Notarized documents

Government certifications

Technical documents

Financial documents

Medical documents


Software Localization


Automotive documents



Certified Translation Services

At Geg, our goal is to provide exceptional service that doesn’t just meet but exceeds your expectations in terms of accurate, culturally appropriate translations, timelines, and budget. By choosing to translate your document at PoliLingua, you choose quality and accurateness. The team of DTP specialists will deliver a translation that maintains 90-95% of the same formatting as the original documents. We understand the value of words and price our services accordingly. We will take into consideration all the factors applicable to your project in order to provide you with competitive pricing.

We understand that when it comes to translations, every project has different needs to be taken into account: different kinds of projects require different approaches. We also understand that we still have to deliver the same outstanding quality translations you expect, even with aggressive deadlines. We will customize our processes based on your needs, an approach that does not go unnoticed by our clients; they acknowledge and appreciate the kind of flexibility we provide.


Want to receive a quote for a certified translation now? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Contact us through the online form and select the service type desired

Step 2. Select the foreign language required (ranging from Spanish to English, German, etc. )

Step 3. Select specific expertise for your translation

Step 4. Attach the documents you need to translate. Please note: all documents must be presented in a clear and readable format.

Step 5. Provide us any further details that may affect pricing:

  • Any other languages you would like the document to be translated into besides the one chosen during step 2: based on this detail, a native translator will be selected to ensure an accurate translation.
  • Country where the certified translated document will be presented: this will allow us to assign a relevant professional translator so that to guarantee language proficiency and accuracy.
  • Additional requirements: we prioritize our client’s needs and genuinely want to provide you with a translation in line with your company’s or institution’s philosophy, but not only: we also want your clients to identify themselves within the words.
  • Timing: we are fast, but feel free to let us know if you have any special requests when it comes to the delivery timing.

Step 6. Place your order! No need to stress. We will make sure your translation is certified in no time.

certified translation


Geg isn’t your typical translation company. Many translators in the market translate things word for word or close to it, but in many cases, the true meaning of the content is lost in translation. At PoliLingua, we don’t provide simple translation services. Our goal is to make sure the context and meaning of your documents, audio, or video is translated into a culturally appropriate and accurate message. With approximately 20 years of experience and commitment to quality, we will help you spread your message across borders and cultural barriers. At the end of the day, our core objective is to ensure your message is translated in a way that accurately conveys your passion for your products and services.

Three reasons why you should choose Geg for your next notarized translation

1. Publish-ready & broad localized translations
Whether it is legal, scientific, academic work, sensitive material, or marketing material, Geg traduction industry solutions are capable of handing over publish-worthy translations designed to boost engagement with your content (not only in English). Our incredibly experienced professional translators (native speakers of the target language), together with our machine learning software, ensure that the material you receive isn’t just grammatically accurate but is also entirely in line with regulations, customs, and other expectations. We not only deliver your translated documents but also provide them with signed and stamped certifications.

2. An open-minded approach to widespread communication
We strive to go beyond language translations to support companies and brands wanting to develop a local presence. Our solutions empower companies worldwide to communicate with their local audiences in global markets in multiple native languages. With cutting-edge machine learning technology to support our translations, we can consistently deliver top-quality language solutions and an exceptional customer experience.

3. Professional, experienced and certified translators
Our team consists of skilled and certified native translators with outstanding language competencies, their fluent language skills combined with technical knowledge allow us to provide exceptional service. The majority of our professional certified translators have a Master’s or PhD degree and stay abrest of ongoing advancements in their subject-areas, which makes them a perfect fit for handling challenging technical vocabulary.

Geg traduction connects you with highly educated, academic, and technical experts with fluent language skills allowing them to deliver the level of accuracy you require.

Your translations will be in the hands of a certified translator. Some of our staff are members of the American translators association, approved by USCIS, ATA, and the notary public. They can provide English notarized translations ranging from a simple birth certificate to a more complex notarized immigration document.

certified translation service