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At GEG, we provide top-quality certified translation services to ensure accurate and legally recognized translations. Our team of certified translators delivers precise and reliable translations for a variety of documents, including legal, medical, and official paperwork.

Receive instant quotation for your document

Simply upload the document to be translated onto our online platform, and you will immediately receive a non-binding quote and a fixed delivery date. The next step is to commission the translation and track the status of the document through our online translation tracking system. Upon the completion of the translation, you will receive an electric copy of the finished document by email, as well as, a hard copy that will be mailed within 2 to 3 days. GEG will be responsible for the cost of postage.

Just as the documents to be translated vary in scope and degree of difficulty, so do the prices for the corresponding translation. It is also important to consider that the price of each translation will be dependent on the type of language required by the target audience. For instance, there will be an abundance of certified translators available for translating a document into English or Spanish. However, it becomes difficult to find a translator for infrequently used languages such as Dari or Latvian, where translations naturally become more expensive.

Certified translation pricing

We offer instant pricing once you upload your document. You can get an instant quote regardless of the type of document you have.

When calculating the price of certified documents, the following factors play a role:

A professional translation agency will calculate the price of a translation per word or line of the original text. This calculation is based on a standard line that contains 50 to 55 characters including spaces. It does not simply count the lines of the original layout. This would be unfair if, for example, the document has many headings that contain fewer than 55 characters but are calculated as a standard line. Instead, the translator divides the number of characters in the entire document by a factor of 55. This results in the number of standard lines, which are then multiplied by the line price.

  •  Language combination
  •  Size of document
  •  Subject area or degree of difficulty of the text
  •  Complexity of formatting
  •  Desired delivery date (e.g. express translation)
How do I order a certified translation by GEG ?

Simply upload your document onto our homepage and select your preferred language combination. Follow the on-screen instructions that will help guide you throughout the requesting process. The next step is to select the document type (standard or professional) and to choose whether you would like to certify your translation. Our individual price calculator will automatically calculate a quote and provide the fastest delivery option for your document. On the following page, you will be asked to enter your contact details and have the option of creating an account with GEG Finally, you can safely select a payment method of your choice. With GEG you can choose between PayPal, advance payment, and credit card. After checking the information given and accepting our terms and conditions and data protection regulations, click on « Complete Order ».

Do I need to submit the original document?

No, the original document does not have to be sent in for an officially-certified translation. The document to be translated can be scanned or legibly photographed. The final certified translation will then be sent both electronically by email, as well as, a hard copy that will be mailed to you by post.

Can I request a PDF version of my certified translation?

You can request a PDF copy of your translation during the ordering process. A scan of your certified translation will be sent to you via email. The certified original translation will be sent to you by post.

How will my certified translation be delivered?

If you have ordered a certified translation, a hard copy of the document will be mailed to the address that was specified in the order process. The agreed completion date is the date on which your translation is sent to the post office. Please be mindful that, it will take another two to three days for the certified document to be delivered to your doorstep.

As soon as your translation has been sent to the post office, you will be informed via email.

Who can certify a translation?

GEG online translation agency offers certified translations for all types of documents, at the best prices. Simply upload your document onto our website and receive an instant quote and delivery date for your certified translation. There is no easier way to get a quick, affordable, and professional translation!

Certified Translations

Court ruling
Doctoral degree
Master’s certificate
Patient decree
Business License
Certificate of Employment
Certificate of Incorporation
Death Certificate
Vehicle Document
Diploma Supplement
Disability Certificate
Divorce Certificate
Document Translation
Drivers License
Criminal Record
Uscis Documents
Bachelor certificate
Police report
Certificate of good conduct
Non Marriage Certificate
Permit to Conduct
Salary Certificate
Payment Statement
Financial Statement
Income Statement
Have Documents Translated
Official Translation
Sworn Translation
Register of birth
Marriage certificate
Birth certificate
Assurance of citizenship
Unmarried Certificate
Residency Permit
Student Health Report
ID Card
Immigration Documents
Journeymans License
Letterof Support
Marriage Act
Marriage Certificate