Legal translation is the specific translation of legal documents such as contracts, general terms and conditions, judgements, laws and other documents and it must be carried out by specialist translators.

In this field, it is essential that the translation is precise and accurate. For this reason, some of our specialist translators are also lawyers working in the courts in the respective countries of the target language and many work as sworn translators.

Without exception, your legal translation will be processed by professionals who have studied law or have many years of experience in this field and therefore have a perfect command of the legal terminology used.

Our professionalism in the field of legal translations is based on a variety of strengths:
  • Quality: Many years of professional experience and expertise in the field of legal translations enable our native-speaker translators to work to a high standard.
  • Diversity: A network of hundreds of legal translators and linguists enables us to carry out assignments professionally in all legal subject areas and languages.
  • Speed: Enquiries and orders can be placed easily and conveniently by email. We turn projects around quickly to meet your deadlines.
  • Flexibility: Strict consideration of delivery deadlines and globally efficient staff deployment allow maximum adaptation to customer needs.
  • Experience: GEG has been active in the field of legal translation services for over 40 years, so you will benefit from our tried and tested experience.

GEG International: legal translation agency


With more than 80 branches and 3,500 translators and interpreters worldwide, our legal translation agency can help you optimise your multilingual communication.

We will provide you with high-quality and target-oriented legal translations and deliver them within a reasonable time frame.

Legal translation services – guaranteed quality

Whilst it is possible for someone to do translations themselves if they are conversant with both the source and target language, it is a different matter when it comes to professional translations. Such translations require very special know-how and impeccable language skills – ideally by native speakers. Legal translations, in particular, have very specific requirements, which are sometimes required by official authorities or courts and must therefore be carried out meticulously to avoid translation errors that could potentially alter or falsify facts. For this reason, you should seek the help of a professional for any legal translation you require. At GEG International, we have been undertaking legal translations for over 40 years.

Let us do your legal translation for you

GEG can provide you with reliable, high-quality translations at a reasonable price. We have experience of undertaking translations for the following legal documents, among others: contracts, general terms and conditions, court rulings, invitations to tender, invoices, non-disclosure agreements, orders, statutes of all kinds, powers of attorney, complaints, contracts and customs documents in the area of export/import, certificates, purchase agreements, patent applications, laws and legal texts, standards and regulations, wills, notarial documents, asset documents and many more. As legal translations often require certified translations, which can only be carried out by a sworn translator, we also offer this service. Please feel free to send us your request!

Translation of your documents into over 100 languages

With over 40 years of experience in legal translation, GEG is one of the leading international language service providers. In addition to its numerous agencies, the company works with over 3,500 professional and native translators worldwide. We work in more than a hundred different languages, from the most common to the rarest: French, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese…