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If you’re thinking about going global, you’ve probably already heard about multilingual SEO. Translating your SEO content is a key step in this process, making it easier for customers around the world to find your website. Since thought-out SEO can also improve your website visitor’s experience, adopting good SEO practices will benefit you and your customers.

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As it appears from the name, multilingual SEO is all about web content optimization in multiple languages. Imagine your website has a few versions in different languages - French, Spanish, Italian, English. And these website's translations drive visitors who speak different languages to your company. The main idea is to drive organic traffic to a translated website by improving its SERP rankings. SERP stands for search engine results pages. To reach a wider international audience translation into various languages is just the first step. You need to use multilingual SEO to make your content visible on the top of the first (ideally) search engine results page. The first page is preferable because people more often than not pay attention only to the top of the first page of SERP without going any deeper into it. It means if your content is not translated and optimized, if you don't focus on SEO and don't expand into other languages, there are all the chances your website would be tucked away into a pile of irrelevant non-multilingual websites with low rankings, and potential clients will never know about it.
SEO remains a determining lever for acquiring traffic. With 93% of online experiences that start on a search engine and 75% of Internet users who do not click beyond the first page of the SERP, companies in pursuit of digital visibility have more interest than ever in playing the SEO game. SEO is a very complex game, with its rules changing all the time, forcing SEO players to adapt continuously. The latest example: the change in the appearance of sponsored links in Google's SERPs, now only indicated by the presence of the word ‘ad’ to the left of the URL - the result of a long process of ‘fading’ paid links. Certainly, this is proof that organic results remain the most favored (most users continue to ignore ads). But, on the other hand, these regular evolutions make up a real challenge for webmasters and SEO experts. It’s like playing a game of Monopoly as the rules change every five minutes! Hence the importance of staying informed of developments in SEO, and of being interested in the major emerging trends. You might as well say it straight away: there is no major upheaval to be expected this year. The major SEO trends in 2021 take up the key concepts we already know - the development of artificial intelligence, continuous development of Google's Mobile-First Indexing, adaptation to voice search, emphasis on user experience... In short, it is the logical continuation of the 2020 trends. SEO means making sure that your website will appear at the top of the results given by search engines after a search carried out by relevant keywords. Ideally, your business should rank in the first third of the first-page search results. The further away it is from it, the fewer visits to your website will have. Since few users go to the second page of results, showing up early in search results is essential to reaching your customers on the Internet. Visibility on search engines should therefore be one of the priorities of your web strategy.
There are two distinct SEO types - Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The former is of a pay-to-play kind when you invest in ads that show up on relevant search engine results pages, the latter is natural, organic and - most importantly - free. These two SEO types are used with different goals in mind, with different rules applied. Obviously, you need an SEO strategy to choose the right one for you. There’s no crime in using only one or both techniques at the same time. But keep in mind - if you are in for a long time, the paid ad strategy will not work without ongoing investment. And since SEO is responsible for your website’s long-term success, some organic SEO needs to be done. You should remember that organic SEO campaigns take time to show results. Experts say it could be up to 4 months before you see tangible improvements in traffic. Meanwhile, it makes sense to use SEA and make your website visible for those in search of quality service or product.
There are 4 main kinds of SEO specialists and the price for the work directly depends on which one you are ready to do business with. They are ‘famous’ consultants, agencies, freelancers, and scammers. ‘Famous’ consultant Some SEO consultants ‘made their name’ on the market, often because of their strong competence, their visibility and their contribution to the global knowledge on SEO. Their services are therefore priced higher than those of an average consultant. Add 20- 50% to the average rates. And keep in mind that quality, in general, is more expensive… Digital marketing agency Agencies are almost always more expensive than freelancers. They will therefore generally be higher. The advantage of using an agency lies in its ability to mobilize various skills and get a team to do it: technical, content, e-commerce, digital marketing, SEO services ... the slew of skills can be an asset. Freelancer SEO freelancers are legion and are generally more competitive than agencies in terms of pricing. The capacity of a freelancer to deliver must be evaluated because their schedule can be very busy. Some freelancers work with several people and share the load. This can be an interesting approach to limit costs. But the risks are higher too. Scammer Scammers are actually quite easy to spot. They all offer: automatic referencing, referencing based on the registration of a site in directories, SEO based only on link building, or any other ‘miracle method’, more or less patented, which does not clearly explain the means used and the details of how this technology works. They can promise you an online marketing project of your dreams, translation in any language for any region possible, great accuracy, and stellar SEO services, but the simple truth is you will get no good from them no matter how much you pay. Which is better? A good benchmark to help you situate yourself is to think about costs vs losses. Cheaper prices offered by scammers and some freelancers are tied to higher risks. Services of agencies and experts are higher, but the risks are lower. Moreover, experienced agencies often offer a follow-up in several fields such as digital marketing, international SEO, internet marketing, content marketing, keyword analysis, etc. Remember that SEO is above all about time spent on your site, content creation, text modification, improving the experience of your visitors, gaining relevance, interacting with your prospects. You can always ask the service provider about the exact content of what will be proposed to you.
The prime advantage of an SEO agency is its experience. Your own SEO skills may be impeccable but agencies do dozens or even hundreds of SEO projects every year and their experience could not be possibly matched. They know all ins and outs and can recommend a strategy that’s right up your company’s street. Moreover, they often follow it up with a reasonable amount of social media marketing and optimization, which helps a lot nowadays when everyone spends hours on social media platforms. For all these reasons, there are some important criteria to consider when choosing the agency to entrust with the SEO of your site: First of all, SEO is a profession in its own right. Do not leave it in the care of your PR agency, which will delegate it to a subcontractor; A good SEO earns you more traffic, therefore more leads. Don't skimp on the means. The services of a quality provider may seem expensive, but they are worth it; Find out how to proceed with an SEO agency in question and the duration of their service (minimum 1 year); For a site aimed at a specific geographical area, there are local SEO agencies; Ask for examples of their work to assess their experience and see if they are following Google's guidelines; A good web agency will offer additional digital marketing, multilingual search engine optimization and consulting services to get more traffic; The agency must communicate and be a united team with your webmasters to optimize, analyze, focus and not go MIA working in isolation.
The answer to this question depends directly on the goal you want to achieve. If you want your business to be visible on the Net, attract new customers and have a 24/7 show-case, then YES. If you think the Internet is overrated and social media is out of the game because you don’t use it anymore, then sure, you don’t need SEO. Most probably you don’t need your website, your business and electricity. Good for you, it also means you can’t read this. But if you can, there’s a high chance you need SEO. Old SEO techniques are the thing of the past, but there’s always something new, something fresh and newly minted to help your business grow and make itself seen.
SEO can effectively improve the visibility of a website. Indeed, this improvement in the visibility on the web requires the mastery of natural referencing SEO. It is imperative to master the different angles of SEO to achieve this result. Obviously, this must be done in strict compliance with the search engine rules. To better optimize your texts, you must know the essential foundations of natural referencing. Indeed, you must learn to use keywords strategically and write rich, quality and relevant content. It is imperative to make use of synonyms for long words and phrases. Mastering SEO is a job that takes a lot of time. For this reason, it is preferable to use an SEO consulting service. Calling on an SEO agency is extremely beneficial to you because they are professionals who perfectly master the techniques to reference ideally a website.
SEO is essential for all sites which wish to acquire greater visibility on the Web. Indeed, it makes you seen and allows you to achieve the marketing objectives set. You can also get there better by entrusting the management of your site to an SEO agency. Also, the traffic you generate would be much better targeted. By using an SEO strategy, you are sure to reach a target audience. SEO offers you many tips to increase your traffic naturally. Thanks to good SEO optimization practices, the overall quality of your website is not only improved, but it also inspires confidence and reassures Internet users. Finally, it should be noted that SEO allows you to be more easily found by your prospects and lets you set up a more effective strategy. This is why it makes more sense to call on SEO consultants to adopt a general strategy to your needs.

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