Translation Services Agency

GEG is a leading Morocco based translation and interpretation agency. We provide a wide range of translation services to clients based in Morocco and international companies and businesses worldwide. Our translators, located morocco and globally, specialise in translation and interpretation services in 200+ languages for many industries, including legal, marketing, financial, medical, commerce, technical, media and digital. To discuss your translation services needs, contact us online, call our agency .

Today, Geg has established itself as a first-choice translation agency for many   global businesses. We’re a leading translation provider with various services covering translation, interpreting, transcreation and localisation. We offer translation services to businesses of all sizes and sectors. As an agency with 12 years of experience, our translations helped 25,000+ companies communicate globally. We’re an award-winning translation agency known for high-quality and excellent customer care. Geg is widely considered the Morocco’s leading translation company. Our network of 8,000 professional translators, experienced in more than 200 languages and 50+ industries, guarantees high quality.


Geg is a leading provider of translation and interpreting services. Our award-winning team of translators is known for its expertise and efficient services in 200 languages. With thousands of linguists worldwide, no other provider can offer translation services at lower prices and with higher quality. We supply translation and interpretation services to a range of customers and industries. Our extensive network of professional translators covers 200+ languages and offers all types of document & digital translations with guaranteed high quality and accuracy.

At Geg, we specialise in translation services to help your business reach its global audiences. Explore our range of translation and interpretation services and communicate with your audience in any language without a hassle. Our translators can help you with:


  • Certified Translation Services
  • Marketing Translation Services
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Web & Digital Translations
  • Medical Translation Services
  • Financial Translation Services
  • Technical Translation Services


  • Translation Services
  • Interpreting Services
  • Transcreation
  • Localisation
  • Transcription
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Multilingual Copywriting
Professional Translation & Interpretation Services 

Ensure a customer-centred approach across every language and country. Benefit from our professional translation services produced by expert translators with an in-depth knowledge of your target market & its culture and communicate with your audience in their native language. Discover our extensive range of services and learn how translation & interpretation can help you meet the language demands of your global audience. Overcome linguistic barriers anywhere, anytime and communicate with people globally.