Translation Agency in Morocco 

Our linguists


We ensure the cultural proficiency of our linguists by only working with native speakers, who are in-country and are therefore immersed in their native culture and norms.

This enables us to have the necessary expertise, industry experience, and variation in linguistic style to meet the needs of our range of clients.

All linguists are constantly reviewed and tracked via peer review, and need to meet stringent standards to become part of the team.

Intuitive customer portal

We help you cut costs, not corners


Tracking progress and having an overview of spend used to require the involvement of account managers or the finance team to provide project spend and invoice details.

With STREAM, our proprietary translation management system, you can monitor and manage your localization projects with ease and simplicity.

Get quotes, track your orders, and monitor resource allocation and ROI by territory, language, or project.

Translation quality

Our reputation is built on superior quality and excellent service


Quality management isn’t a buzzword – it’s at the heart of everything we do and a core aspect of our workflow. Together with STREAM, our internal Quality Assurance teams are dedicated, at every step of the way, to ensure the utmost quality is delivered to you.

Adaptable translation workflows

We work the way you work


We don’t do “one size fits all”. Instead, we design translation strategies that fit into your existing workflows.

Whether your translation requirements are creative or highly regulated, seasonal or continuous, urgent or pre-planned – we will adapt to your ways of working.

Using bespoke technology and processes, we will help you increase workflow efficiency, reduce time to market and boost the ROI of your projects.

A blended model built for scale and global reach


Our internal content and process experts work closely with external subject matter experts.

This allows for flexibility and scale while we maintain full control of quality and process. In-house champions work with client language content owners to answer queries, provide linguistic support, and update linguistic resources.

Ultimately, our model ensures quality control, security, specialization, consistency, and internal knowledge building.

Shorten time-to-market

Tools and processes for shorter turnaround times


Translating your content faster is usually a competitive advantage, and often a regulatory obligation for our clients. We can help you go to market faster with:

  • Technology to improve processes and speed of execution such as our language tech platform, machine translation, and translation memory
  • A follow-the-sun model with offices in 11 cities spread across 7 countries and 3 continents for global coverage.
  • Dedicated teams, including weekend coverage, for urgent work.