Creating effective video content means making sure your audience can hear your message loud and clear – no matter what language they speak. High-quality, professionally produced video content can be a significant investment. Using multilingual voice-overs enables the same video to be understood in multiple languages, which eliminates video reshoots, reduces costs and cuts production timescales.

Reap the benefits of professional voice-over services

It goes without saying that you need to get the best results from your video content. With this in mind, language should never be a barrier between you and your audience. Let’s look at some of the benefits of globalising your videos:


Marketing videos

Present your products to the world using the same visual content paired with a voice-over that your audience understands.


Social media videos

Increase organic reach, ramp up engagement and grow your customer base.



Ensure vital learning materials are accessible to everyone, not just speakers of the native language.


HSEQ training

Give your HR, legal and IT functions peace of the mind that essential HSEQ training is being delivered effectively to all your employees.


Accessibility compliance

Be confident that your content is understood by non-native speakers and meets the standards of the EU Web Accessibility Directive.


The perfect voice for your brand and target audience

Once we’ve finalised the voice-over script, our language experts work closely with you to identify the right actor for your project, down to gender and accent.